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Details of: Mijn Beste Vriendin Anne Frank (My best friend Anne Frank)

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Hannah Goslar (1928) en Anne Frank (1929) are best friends when WWII starts. When family Frank goes into hiding they loose contact. At the end the war the two girls meet again in concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Hannah tries to save her sick friend Anne. This story is based on the memoirs of Frank's friend Hannah Goslar. The movie is based on the real-life friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar. Director Ben Sombogaart has stated that he frequently visited the real Goslar, who was in her nineties and living in Israel, to hear her story. She urged him to finish the movie as fast as possible, as she was in relatively poor health and desperately wanted to see it before her death. Despite delays in production due to the COVID-19 crisis, Sombogaart was able to show the finished movie to Goslar and her family, who all loved it.
103 Netherlands Golden Film 2021
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